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About Twin Air

In some respects, International Motocross was born in the Netherlands.

It was here, in 1947, that the Dutch national motorcycle federation invited teams from Belgium, Great Britain, and the Netherlands to compete in an off-road "scramble" event and called it "moto-cross."

As the sport of Motocross grew in popularity over the next 25 years, it became clear that the air-filter technology of the day was inadequate. The filter itself was made of paper with a single layer of foam and could not provide sufficient protection from the sandy riding conditions in the dunes and fields of the Netherlands.

In 1972, the Motocross world was given a historic boost by a revolutionary new product: a flame laminated, dual-stage foam air filter that, when soaked in a special oil, allowed free airflow into the carburetor while providing the engine maximum protection from particles of sand, grime and water. It was not only effective, but durable, washable and reusable. The new inventive product became the beginning of the company Twin Air.

Twin Air is today a renowned brand name and the company's product line is continually evolving and expanding. The technology and design of Twin Air filters and accessories have stayed ahead of the competition for nearly half a century and are OEM-specified to more than 30 motorcycle companies worldwide.

Next to Twin Air filters, there is also a complete line of filter care products and upgrades for improved bike performance. Twin Air USA is our importer for the Americas and together with a worldwide network of distributors, Twin Air products are available around the globe. Since 1972, Twin Air supported over 300 World Champions and Twin Air supported teams and riders participate in World Championships around the world. 

Most of our products can be easily found using the Twin Air application database and Tech Support on installation and maintenance for our products is also available online. Our race support team is available at many events worldwide. Check out our event calendar for more information.