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Kawasaki 2021 KX250 Powerflow Kit

22 June 2021

Kawasaki introduced an all-new KX250, in line with the updates of the KX450 motorcycle last year. But with a difference in air filter.

Besides the original replacement filter, Twin Air also developed a special aluminum cage with aluminum sealing ring (PowerFlow Kit) for more airflow. The cage is easy to install and provides the best performance and protection for the engine.

The Twin Air PowerFlow kit replaces the complete OEM filter system.

We also have the following products available for extra protection during extreme weather conditions: Dust Covers, Rain Covers and GP covers.

PartnumberEAN CodeDescriptionLink
Powerflow Kit Kawasaki KX 250 2021-2022
Powerflow Kit Kawasaki KX 250F 2021-2022
Powerflow Kit Kawasaki KX 250XC 2021-2022